"Nautical bracelets
with a sustainable story"

Plastic waste in our oceans

Every minute, the equivalent of one full garbage truck of plastic trash is dumped in the sea. That is 1440 trucks per 24 hours and 8 BILLION kilos per year.” A disaster for all life, including ours.

The world produces more than 311 million tonnes of new plastic every year and growing at 8% per year reaching a horrifying number of 600 million tonnes per year!
More plastic was produced in the last decade than in the entire 20th century.

Due to mismanaged waste systems in certain parts of the world, over 8 millions tonnes of plastic enters the oceans every year.

80% of the plastics entering the ocean comes form landfills. The remaining 20% comes from ships, fishing (like ghost nests) and the offshore industry. Re-use and recycling can prevent the plastic waste from leaking into our environment and ultimately entering our oceans.

No plastic waste
in our oceans.

Our mission: No plastic waste in our oceans.

Needless to say that nobody can solve this huge problem alone. Neither can we. But we do want to play our part and contribute where and as much as we can.
And everybody should, that is the only way to make enough impact to really turn the tide on plastic.
MBRC the ocean® makes cool and stylish nautical bracelets with a higher purpose:

  • All ropes are made from plastic waste (nylon or polyester)
  • we stimulate the demand for plastic waste (recycle)
  • our campaigns contribute to the awareness of this global environmental crisis
  • we donate 15% of our gross margin in cash to the MBRC Foundation to support their great projects
  • we organise our own activities around the world like beach clean-ups and missions to recover ‘ghost nets’ from the oceans

Look at our projects to learn about the impact we have made so far. Impact that we are very proud of, giving us our daily motivation to work on our impactful brand.

From plastic waste to high quality ropes

To make our ropes, we use yarns that are made of:

  • regenerated nylon (like old fishing nets)
  • gerecycled PET bottles
Enough is enough
It’s time to change. Time for awareness. Time for cleaner oceans.
We embrace the fight against plastic in our oceans. Join us?